Shoot is an artistic look at the world of football seen through an artist’s those of the photographer Xavi Miró. It is an ambitious exhibition, one which invites us to pause and take in those moments, situations, gestures and expressions that are so often missed in this sport for the masses.

Art and football share a universal language; the need for an audience and the ability to inspire emotion. As its very title suggests, this photographic project aims to capture the emotion of the moment, that very instant when the photographer or the player shoots, right on target, and grabs us.

The exhibition is presented in a virtual gallery, a fortuitous occurrence that allows us to experience the work in a different, more intimate way. The architectural barriers are removed and we find ourselves before a naked image, stripped of anything that could distort it. Shoot is made up of a selection of fifteen images, compiled while following the Andorran national team from March 2019.

The subjective nature of the work, combined with the medium of black and white photography, presents us with an intimate world of close-ups, where the protagonists are more vulnerable and human than the tyrannical images we are used to seeing in the media . We trust that the transformative ability of art will allow these images to convey a new perspective.

Elena Sánchez, curator